Fundraising Ideas for Dance Companies

July 5, 2011

Images Dance Company is a non-profit that raises money to provide scholarships for dancers that cannot afford the full tuition at our dance studio. We also plan to implement the dance education scholarship for those that want to further their dance education at Southern California colleges.

We have done several fundraisers and the best seem to be the ones that draw from people outside of the dance studio . In addition they do not cost us anything up front.  Some of our successful fundraisers are:

1 – Garage Sale:  This is a great way for our families to get rid on items that they no longer need and also support the dance company at the same time. We hold a garage sale every 4 months for one day (Saturday). It is a lot of fun and brings in about $300 to $500 on average.

2 – Sales on Craigslist and Amazon Marketplace:  Some of the items that are donated to us for a garage sale we decide to post on Craigslist or Amazon. We have sold many items for much higher than we would have at a garage sale. Posting on Craigslist is free and setting up an Amazon Marketplace and posting on Amazon is also free. Amazon does charge a commission when you sell an item.   I always note that the proceeds go to support our dance company. People are more willing to pay a bit more when they know that it is going to a good cause.

3 – GoodShop: This is an online shopping website that has partnered with many merchants. When supporters buy products/services from these merchants via the GoodShop website and select our dance company as the charity to benefit, the merchants will give a percentage of each sale to our dance company. Very easy to do and it is active all year.

3 – Popcornopolis:  We just ran this fundraiser to raise money to refinish the wood floor in our dance room.   We took orders and collected the money with the order. We brought in over $2400 and we get to keep 50%.  Most of our dance studio families helped out with this one.  I hear the popcorn is really good!

4 – Car Wash: Our dance company has not done this one yet, but we are planning one in August. We know of another non-profit dance company that holds one 2 times a month. They bring in $100 – $200 each time.

5 – Kermes:  This is another fundraiser that we have not done yet, but we are planning one for August. Some of our dancers attended one recently, and they were told that they raise several hundred.  This is an all day event (4 – 5 hours) where company members bring food (kind of like a potluck). We sell the food to raise money. Then we have performers perform throughout the day on and off to provide entertainment. The trick is publicizing the event so that we get a lot of attendees. We will be using Facebook and Twitter to announce the event as well as post it on many event directories (Yelp, Yahoo, etc). We look forward to having our first Kermes!

We are always looking for new ideas for fundraising. If you have any that might be of interest to people, please post them!


Why Dance?

July 4, 2011

I would like to introduce the Blog of Images Dance Company.  We are a dance company that performs at community and professional events such as the Orange County Fair and Tustin Street Fair as well as private celebrations such as weddings and birthday parties.  We promote dance as a healthy activity for everyone.

I asked our dancers to tell me why they dance and here are some of their responses:

  • Dance relieves stress. It is a fun way to exercise to stay fit and keep the body healthy (joel)
  • Dance is the only movement that makes me feel like I am somebody in this world whether alone or with family. It is dance that I love. (richard)
  • Dance is a great healthy and fun activity to keep kids off the streets. (deb)
  • Dance frees the soul to truly feel again. (gigi)
  • Dance gets me more aware of my body through movement with the music. It is a fun way to work all of my muscles. (christine)
  • Dance brings positive energy to the body (joel)
  • Dance can be adapted to almost any level of ability or disability. (christine)

Dance should be enjoyed by all. Do what you are physically able to and just listen to the music.